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Looking for Creative Team Building?

We have conducted over 300 creative team building or workshop events physically across Malaysia. We provide remote teams the opportunity to strengthen their relationships and better their ability to share their end product thoughts, with each other.

With our materials box delivered right to your door, your team members can enjoy our live stream classes using all the materials and resources they need.

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Our Best Seller Programmes

Virtual Batik Painting

Group 18

Virtual Terrarium Making

Group 16

You Will Never Want To Miss It

Mandala Art row (27)

Cloth Tiger Making row (29)

Gratitude Jar row (33)

Lipstick Making row (35)

No Bake Cheesecake row (36)

Bird Bowl Making

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Lip Balm row (31)

Soap Making row (25)

Christmas Jar row (7)

Patriotic Stone row (34)

Perfume Making row (32)

Tie Dye Your Tee

You Will Never Want To Miss It

Mandala Art

Cloth Tiger Making

Gratitude Jar

Lipstick Making

No Bake Cheesecake

Bird Bowl Making​

Lip Balm

Soap Making

Christmas Jar

Patriotic Stone

Perfume Making

Tie Dye Your Tee

Our Approach

For the past year, we have been dedicated to research, test and develop comprehensive programs that help people overcome common health challenges related to corporate life such as stress, sitting too much, working long hours, and making lengthy commutes.

Our Experienced Professionals

Quick Response

Wide Variety of Activities

Our Approach

For the past year, we have been dedicated to research, test and develop comprehensive programs that help people overcome common health challenges related to corporate life such as stress, sitting too much, working long hours, and making lengthy commutes.

Our Experienced Professionals

How Virtual Team Building Works?

Our Virtual Team Building Activities are usually around 1.5-2 hours and teams will be guided by our professional facilitators throughout the session. Teams would be able to communicate through web conferencing tools, and continue to enjoy one another’s company, while apart! Through different activities, our facilitators will bring out the energy in your team and bring people closer together. Fun, Excitement & Laughter Guaranteed!

What Do You Need?

Our virtual activities are hassle-free! Participants simply need stable internet connection and a laptop/computer with web-cam functions. Our virtual team building session can be conducted via any free web conferencing tools e.g Zoom, Google Meets etc

Jom Bond
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Alicia YeoAlicia Yeo
08:47 19 Jan 24
Juliet LynnJuliet Lynn
07:35 13 Dec 23
Relax and bond…❤️ awesome facilitation from Kiro 🙏🏼
Caswin LimCaswin Lim
07:35 13 Dec 23
Nice team bimbibap making class
Ya YaYa Ya
04:36 13 Dec 23
04:32 13 Dec 23
Ace ToneAce Tone
07:45 24 Nov 23
Great experience, first time making perfume with essential oils. Instructor guide us well
veesa sengsuriyaveesa sengsuriya
07:56 31 Oct 23
Really having fun today !! Enjoying. The instructor also very friendly and helpful. Hope for more event like thiss 👍😁
Petpairin MuangthongPetpairin Muangthong
07:50 31 Oct 23
Satisfied !!💕. We all enjoy the activity and the instructor persons explaining well.
03:53 17 Oct 23
Adriana ZulaikhaAdriana Zulaikha
03:52 17 Oct 23
Sinru WoonSinru Woon
03:46 17 Oct 23
Good experience!
Aishah KhalidAishah Khalid
03:45 17 Oct 23
raffiq rafflisraffiq rafflis
03:45 17 Oct 23
Rozana Mohamed HusseinRozana Mohamed Hussein
06:56 06 Oct 23
I was thoroughly impressed. The knowledgeable instructors provided valuable insights, and the interactive activities were not only fun but also effective in promoting teamwork. Plus, the delicious food they provided was a delightful bonus. Highly recommended!
Terry FooTerry Foo
06:52 06 Oct 23
Fun and happening baking get together team building event!
Kamarul RidzuanKamarul Ridzuan
04:51 26 Sep 23
My team had an excellant time and enjoy ourself during this session. Very professional, interactive and collaborates. Objective achieve and Highly recommended.
Rabiatul YusopRabiatul Yusop
08:49 26 Aug 23
This game gain may knowledge
Sheena KwanSheena Kwan
08:44 26 Aug 23
Activities is simple and fun.It’s like back to childhood times.Will recommend to change the food and drink choice.
Krishalini VeerasamyKrishalini Veerasamy
08:43 26 Aug 23
Fun and awesome experience. Lot of earnings with the trainer whom so friendly
Siew Keng GohSiew Keng Goh
08:43 26 Aug 23
Fun, knowledge building and bonding with office colleagues
Iewa IsmailaIewa Ismaila
08:43 26 Aug 23
So much fun activity today..good job!!!
10:03 18 Aug 23
It was a new experience. Never thought there were different ways to paint.Activities were chll and relax…Thank you….
Veven NgVeven Ng
02:54 16 Aug 23
We engaged Jom Bond for a DIY tote bag painting workshop as part of our company’s sustainability value. Despite short lead time, they were able to accommodate to our request. The facilitator Kiro was engaged and encourages creativity. Our staffs enjoyed themselves very much! Thank you Kiro & Vaillet!
Chen Ai MalaysiaChen Ai Malaysia
03:13 17 Jul 23
Thank you very much for the desserts brought by the group
Krisson TayKrisson Tay
01:39 06 Jul 23
Good for teambuilding and making pizzas 🙂
Meghan Angelica PaulMeghan Angelica Paul
02:30 01 Jun 23
Engaged with Jom Bond (previously known as MyWeekendPlan) to conduct mindful activities for our organisation in the month of May and it was a HIT! Thoroughly enjoyed the terrarium workshop, gratitude jar and mandala art sessions that were conducted. Very friendly and hyped-up facilitators, high quality and adorable art supplies (that we could keep!), with simple instructions that we could follow. You don't have to be an expert in art when you want to relax and just have fun! 2 thumbs up to Jom Bond - will definitely be contacting them again in the near future 😀
Yoke PengYoke Peng
04:09 23 May 23
The whole session is fun and engaging! The facilitator is very energetic and engaging with all the team members.
Xifeng HongXifeng Hong
12:30 16 May 23
Good experience having the brooch embroidery workshop with them. Instructor is very professional and the coordinators are very helpful as well. Overall satisfying.
Mas RizalMas Rizal
10:16 16 May 23
Engaged the team for family activity (terrarium building). It was fun coz the whole family could enjoy it, not only the kids. Only comment for improvement would be the price; for me it was ok; but for others may not be as appealing. Otherwise it was a new experience and refreshing for my family.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

What is virtual team building?

Virtual team building refers to online activities and structured interactions designed to enhance cohesion, trust, and collaboration among remote or distributed team members. These are typically facilitated via video conferencing platforms or specialized software.

Why is virtual team building important for remote teams?

Virtual team building addresses the challenges of distance and isolation in remote setups. It helps foster communication, enhances team morale, boosts productivity, and allows members to connect on a personal level, ensuring a harmonious and effective work environment.

How are these virtual events typically conducted?

Virtual team building events are conducted through video conferencing platforms such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or Google Meet. They can range from interactive games and challenges to workshops, webinars, or collaborative tasks. The choice of activity often depends on the team's goals and size.

What kind of activities can we expect?

The activities vary based on your requirements. Common options include creative workshop, virtual escape rooms, collaborative online games, creative challenges, storytelling sessions, and even skill-building workshops. The aim is always to foster connection and collaboration.

How long does a typical virtual team building event last?

The duration can vary. While some activities might be short and take only 30 minutes, others can span multiple hours or even be spread across several days. We'll work with you to design sessions that fit your team's schedule and needs.

What technical requirements are necessary for participation?

At a minimum, participants will need a stable internet connection and a device with a webcam and microphone, such as a laptop, desktop, or smartphone. Any additional software or materials will be communicated in advance.

Can the sessions accommodate large teams?

Yes, sessions can be tailored for teams of all sizes. For very large teams, we often use breakout rooms or divide the group into smaller teams to ensure everyone remains engaged and gets a chance to participate actively.

How can virtual team building benefit our organization in the long term?

Regular virtual team building can lead to improved communication, a stronger sense of belonging, reduced feelings of isolation, higher job satisfaction, and ultimately, increased productivity. It helps in creating a positive company culture where members feel valued and connected.

 Is it possible to customize activities to align with our company's goals or values?

Absolutely! We pride ourselves on offering bespoke virtual team building experiences. After understanding your objectives, we can tailor sessions to emphasize specific themes, values, or skills relevant to your organization.

How do we measure the effectiveness or success of a virtual team building session?

Success can be gauged through participant feedback, surveys after the event, and by observing improvements in team dynamics over time. Quantitative metrics like increased project efficiency, reduced conflicts, and heightened team collaboration can also serve as indicators.

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