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Introduction to The Team Building HRDF Claimable Malaysia Program
The Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF) is a dynamic organization under Malaysia’s Ministry of Human Resources, dedicated to upskilling and reskilling the Malaysian workforce. Established in 1993, HRDF collects a levy from employers to finance training and development programs for their employees. These programs aim to enhance the skills and competencies of the workforce, ensuring their relevance in a rapidly evolving global economy.
Benefits of HRDF Claimable Team Building in Malaysia
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Our HRDF Claimable Programme Activities

FamilyDayAct StrongerTogether

Stronger Together

Our “Stronger Together” package is designed to enhance team cohesion and bonding through a series of dynamic and interactive games and activities. From the strategic challenges of String Game I & II to the reflective journey of the Intention Walk and the personal connections forged in This is Me Icebreaker and more! Our lineup of activities is sure to strengthen relationships among employees and create lasting memories.

2 to 4 Hours


  • Participants may discover new aspects about themselves and others, leading to personal growth.
  • The activities promote teamwork and collaboration, strengthening bonds within the team.
HRDFact MysteryBox

Mystery Box

Embark on an exhilarating culinary adventure with the Mystery Box challenge, where the essence of teamwork, collaboration, and the rich flavors of Eastern cuisine converge. Participants will open a box filled with surprise ingredients, discovering the vital role of effective communication and teamwork. Much like a well-coordinated kitchen, success in this challenge depends on the unified efforts of all team members, emphasizing the importance of sharing knowledge and eliminating barriers. Prepare to experience a unique blend of Eastern culinary arts and teamwork in an unforgettable way.

7.5 Hours


  • The challenge of using mystery ingredients sparks creativity, encouraging participants to think outside the box and develop innovative culinary solutions.
  • Effective communication is crucial for success, helping team members to articulate ideas clearly and listen to each other attentively.
HRDFact GratitudeJar

Gratitude Jar Workshop

The Gratitude Jar Workshop is a unique and interactive activity designed to foster positivity and teamwork within your team. During this workshop, participants will engage in inclusive coaching and brainstorming sessions to deepen team engagement and self-empowerment through the gratitude process.

The workshop also teaches participants the art of gratitude, using materials such as watercolor ink pens, liquid colors, brushes, cotton buds, and a deck of cards with inspiring quotes to create their gratitude jars. The main objective of this workshop is to foster a sense of being grateful to the employees themselves as well as the support gained from colleagues and expressing it.


2 Hours


  • Promotes a positive mindset by focusing on gratitude and appreciation.
  • Develops skills in art and creative expression, providing a fun and enriching learning experience.
HRDFact ArtyBigPicture

Arty Big Picture

Arty Big Picture is an innovative and collaborative art-based activity that can be a valuable addition to your company’s HRDF program in Malaysia. This large-scale painting project brings employees together to create a unified masterpiece, promoting teamwork and creativity. Participants work together to paint individual sections that, when combined, form a cohesive and meaningful image.

Arty Big Picture not only enhances teamwork and collaboration but also provides a creative outlet for employees to express themselves. In perspective this simulates how the whole company works on their own at first, while the end product will be a compilation of everyone’s hard work coming together.

2 Hours


  • Creating a unified masterpiece can boost morale and provide a sense of achievement for participants. Additionally this fosters a positive company culture by promoting collaboration, creativity, and unity among employees.
  • Improves communication skills as participants work together to coordinate their
HRDFact dominorally

Domino Rally

Domino Rally is an engaging team-building activity that transcends the simple act of arranging wooden blocks. It emphasizes the importance of teamwork, collaboration, and breaking down barriers to achieve shared objectives. This activity mirrors workplace dynamics, encouraging participants to understand the significance of looking beyond their immediate responsibilities to see the bigger picture. Equipped with 120 vibrant wooden dominoes and a deck of poker cards, teams collaborate to construct a collective masterpiece, such as a symbol of victory.

7.5 Hours


  • The creative aspect of designing and building a domino masterpiece stimulates innovative thinking and encourages employees to approach problems with fresh perspectives.
  • By working together to achieve a common goal, employees develop stronger bonds and a greater sense of unity, which translates to improved collaboration in the workplace.
CSRact CleanUp


The Upcycling Workshop is an innovative and hands-on activity aimed at transforming repurposed materials into stylish and functional tote bags. During this workshop, participants will learn various creative techniques, including cutting, folding, and embellishing, to customize their designs. Our expert instructors will share valuable tips and tricks for working with different materials, ensuring each upcycling project is successful and uniquely personalized. This workshop not only promotes sustainability but also encourages creativity and teamwork among participants.

4 Hours


  • By encouraging participants to consider the lifecycle of products and the implications of their purchasing decisions, the workshop inspires more mindful and sustainable lifestyle choices. This leads to long-term positive changes in daily habits and broader environmental impact.
  • Upcycling can be a cost-effective alternative to purchasing new items. By repurposing materials that would otherwise be thrown away, individuals can create valuable and functional products without the need to spend money on new materials.
HRDFact ArtisticFabric

Artistic Fabric

The Artistic Fabric Painting Workshop invites participants to explore the captivating world of fabric painting, whether through acrylic painting or batik techniques. With enthusiasm, participants will master new skills, from the intricacies of waxing fabric to the art of color blending. Each challenge offers a chance for growth and discovery, empowering individuals to expand their artistic repertoire and unleash their creativity.

4 Hours


  • Participants will develop technical skills in fabric painting, including waxing and color blending, which can be applied to other artistic endeavors.
  • Provides a space where colleagues will be able to explore each other’s creativity, fostering a culture of innovation and enhancing creative problem-solving skills in the workplace.
HRDFact MysteryForest

Mystery Forest

Mystery Forest is an immersive blend of role play and storytelling designed to create a captivating team-building adventure. Far beyond a simple narrative, this experience incorporates real actors, interactive audience participation, intricate mazes, and interwoven storylines. Participants take on various roles within the story, leveraging their individual skills to navigate each challenge.

4 Hours


  • By engaging in role play and storytelling, participants are encouraged to think outside the box and explore innovative solutions.
  • Effective communication is essential for success in Mystery Forest, enhancing participants’ ability to convey ideas and listen actively.
HRDFact BatikPainting

Batik Painting

The Batik Painting Workshop invites participants to immerse themselves in the rich and vibrant world of batik art. With enthusiasm, participants will master techniques from the intricate process of waxing fabric to the artful skill of color blending. Each step presents a new challenge and an opportunity for growth, empowering individuals to expand their artistic repertoire and discover new dimensions of their creativity.

4 Hours


  • Participants engage in a creative process that encourages them to explore new artistic techniques and express their unique vision through batik painting.
  • Learning the traditional art of batik painting provides participants with a deeper appreciation of cultural heritage, enriching their understanding of the history and significance behind this beautiful craft.
HRDFact CookieEmpire

Cookie Empire

Every year, as the flowers bloom, Queen Alison brews a special rose tea that keeps her looking eternally youthful and radiant. One day, a group of mischievous goblins discovered the secret behind the Queen’s beauty. They devised a plan to steal the magical roses, hoping to transform themselves into handsome figures like the Korean Oppa. Their plot succeeded, and the Queen was devastated to find her beloved garden in ruins.

Mistakenly believing that the villagers were responsible, Queen Alison resolved to capture and interrogate them one by one. To soothe the Queen’s anger and restore peace, each group of participants is assigned a mission: to create a delicious cake and cookies that will calm her down.

Participants will be introduced to this enchanting tale through a video or audio presentation. The story begins with Queen Alison tending to her garden, filled with magical red roses, unaware of the impending goblin mischief that would soon disrupt her tranquility.

6 Hours


  • Effective communication is essential for success in the game, helping participants improve their ability to convey ideas clearly and listen actively.
  • Participants with no baking experience will have the opportunity to learn a new skill, while those who are already seasoned bakers will take on the role of mentors, sharing their expertise and guiding their colleagues through the process.
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1.0 Cultivate Love

With all the deadlines and office politics going on at the workplace, it is difficult to create a loving culture within the company. Employees now have the opportunity to lower their walls and bond with one another across departments.

2.0 Create Happiness

By caring for one another, your colleagues would be happier to work with one another, fostering more collaborations and open communication. As a result, company morale and productivity will also increase.

3.0 Deliver Satisfaction

A happy team also translates to happy customers which results in better sales and performance. This positive energy will have a ripple effect, motivating others to perform better as well.

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Moments of Happiness

Client Testimonials

Alison was a wonderful instructor and the lesson was very hands-on. She made sure that all the participants understood the instructions and learnt something. She also taught us some tips and tricks on making kimchi which is actually very handy. The workshop provides an outlet to unwind and at the same time learn something new.

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Martin Smith

CEO, SC Johnson

Thanks My Weekend Plan for making our event a success. The parents and kids were indeed happy, I even got some of the feedback from parents, requesting to organize more of such events. Overall the activity was good!

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Shelly Barns

CEO, Eco Ardence

Overall it was a fun team building activity. It gives a the opportunity to foster teamwork and believe that we can conquer difficult situations when we work together. It is great for our own personal growth and team growth.

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Jacob Luke

CEO, Emerald Hills

Thank you very much for conducting our team bonding session. I’m sure my team enjoyed themselves, and they loved the room deco. Thanks to all the team members that made this event a success.

client logo kieh 600x300

Nathan Ben

CEO, Kiehl's

Hi My Weekend Plan team thank you so much for the great service, it was a pleasure to work with you guys. Look forward to work with you soon again. Thanks again for the great job!

client tropicana 600x300

Ng Joshua

CEO, Tropicana

Thank you My Weekend Plan for the wonderful baking team building! My team and myself enjoyed it. Thank you so much for the support to realize this activity.

client kone 600x300

Khairi Manaf


Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Who is eligible?
Malaysian companies with ten or more local employees are mandated to register and contribute 1% of their employees' salaries; this can be further clarified by checking with HR. Employers with fewer than ten local employees have the option to register and pay a registration fee equivalent to 0.5% of their employees' salaries.
What does "HRDF claimable" mean in the context of team building activities?
"HRDF claimable" means that the cost of the team building activity can be claimed back from the Human Resources Development Fund (HRDF) in Malaysia, which is aimed at enhancing the skills and capabilities of the Malaysian workforce.
Are there specific requirements for a team building activity to be HRDF claimable?
Yes, the team building activity must be conducted by a HRDF-approved training provider and meet certain criteria set by HRDF, such as relevance to the company's industry and alignment with HRDF's objectives.
How can HRDF claimable team building activities benefit my company?

HRDF claimable team building activities can benefit your company by improving teamwork, interpersonal skills,communication, and problem-solving skills, which can lead to increased productivity and efficiency in the workplace.

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