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Introduction to Corporate Family Bonding Day

Gather your team for a memorable and impactful corporate Family Day Team Building event! Strengthen bonds, foster a sense of belonging, and create lasting memories as your team engages in activities that promote teamwork, communication, and collaboration. Join us as we celebrate the importance of family, unity, and teamwork in the workplace.

Benefits of Corporate Family Day Bonding
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Our Corporate Family Day Activities

FamilyDayAct DominoRally

Domino Rally

This exciting activity for Corporate Family Day invites employees and their families to participate in a fun and collaborative domino rally event. Participants will work together to design and set up intricate domino patterns, culminating in a thrilling chain reaction when the dominos are toppled. This engaging event fosters creativity, teamwork, and family bonding, creating memorable moments for everyone involved.

4 Hours


  • Challenges participants to think critically and solve problems, especially when designing complex patterns.
  • Provides a fun and engaging activity for employees and their families to enjoy together, strengthening family bonds.
FamilyDayAct DrumCircle

Drum Circles

This rhythmic and energizing activity brings together employees and their families for a unique bonding experience. Participants will join in a drum circle, where they will learn basic rhythms and beats while creating vibrant and harmonious music together. This engaging event promotes teamwork, communication, and creativity, making it a memorable and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

2 Hours


  • Fosters a sense of community and inclusivity as participants of all ages and backgrounds come together to make music.
  • Improves communication skills as participants listen and respond to each other’s rhythms.
FamilyDayAct Telematch


Telematch is a series of exciting and competitive outdoor games that require teamwork, agility, and strategy. Participants are divided into teams, and each team competes against the others in a variety of challenges. These challenges can include blind warrior, talk with aliens, “siapa cepat dia dapat”, and other fun activities.

2 Hours


  • Participants must communicate effectively to coordinate their efforts, improving interpersonal skills.
  • Friendly competition in telematch fosters a sense of achievement and motivation among participants.
FamilyDayAct Salsation


Get ready to groove and move at our Company Family Day with Salsation! Salsation is a dynamic dance fitness program that combines high-energy dance moves with Latin rhythms, creating a fun and exciting workout for all ages.

1 Hour


  • Salsation is a high-energy dance workout that improves cardiovascular health and endurance.
  • Dancing to upbeat music can reduce stress and boost mood by releasing endorphins, the body’s natural feel-good chemicals.
  • Salsation classes provide an opportunity to meet new people and build social connections perfect for corporate family days.
FamilyDayAct Trekking


Embark on an unforgettable journey of exploration and discovery with our Company Family Day trekking adventure! Trekking is a fantastic way to connect with nature, challenge yourself, and bond with colleagues and family members. Join us as we traverse scenic trails, breathe in the fresh air, and create lasting memories together.

3 Hours


  • Trekking encourages teamwork, communication, and mutual support among participants as they navigate the trails together.
  • Trekking allows participants to appreciate the beauty of nature, fostering a sense of environmental awareness and conservation.
FamilyDayAct LatteArt

Latte Art

This engaging activity invites employees and their families to learn the art of creating beautiful designs in coffee. Participants will receive expert guidance on how to froth milk and pour it into espresso to create stunning patterns. This hands-on experience is not only fun but also allows everyone to express their creativity and enjoy delicious coffee creations.

2 Hours


  • Provides an opportunity to learn a new skill or improve existing ones, such as frothing milk and pouring techniques.
  •  Promotes bonding among employees and their families as they learn and create together.
FamilyDayAct StrongerTogether

Stronger Together

Our “Stronger Together” package is designed to enhance team cohesion and family bonding through a series of dynamic and interactive games and activities. From the strategic challenges of String Game I & II to the reflective journey of the Intention Walk and the personal connections forged in This is Me Icebreaker and more! Our lineup of activities is sure to strengthen relationships and create lasting memories.

2 to 4 Hours


  • Participants may discover new aspects about themselves and others, leading to personal growth.
  • The activities promote teamwork and collaboration, strengthening bonds within the team.
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With all the deadlines and office politics going on at the workplace, it is difficult to create a loving culture within the company. Employees now have the opportunity to lower their walls and bond with one another across departments.

2.0 Create Happiness

By caring for one another, your colleagues would be happier to work with one another, fostering more collaborations and open communication. As a result, company morale and productivity will also increase.

3.0 Deliver Satisfaction

A happy team also translates to happy customers which results in better sales and performance. This positive energy will have a ripple effect, motivating others to perform better as well.

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Moments of Happiness

Client Testimonials

Alison was a wonderful instructor and the lesson was very hands-on. She made sure that all the participants understood the instructions and learnt something. She also taught us some tips and tricks on making kimchi which is actually very handy. The workshop provides an outlet to unwind and at the same time learn something new.

client sc johnson 600x300

Martin Smith

CEO, SC Johnson

Thanks My Weekend Plan for making our event a success. The parents and kids were indeed happy, I even got some of the feedback from parents, requesting to organize more of such events. Overall the activity was good!

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Shelly Barns

CEO, Eco Ardence

Overall it was a fun team building activity. It gives a the opportunity to foster teamwork and believe that we can conquer difficult situations when we work together. It is great for our own personal growth and team growth.

PropertyLogo 56438 gallary 636469586072945595 600x300

Jacob Luke

CEO, Emerald Hills

Thank you very much for conducting our team bonding session. I’m sure my team enjoyed themselves, and they loved the room deco. Thanks to all the team members that made this event a success.

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Nathan Ben

CEO, Kiehl's

Hi My Weekend Plan team thank you so much for the great service, it was a pleasure to work with you guys. Look forward to work with you soon again. Thanks again for the great job!

client tropicana 600x300

Ng Joshua

CEO, Tropicana

Thank you My Weekend Plan for the wonderful baking team building! My team and myself enjoyed it. Thank you so much for the support to realize this activity.

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Khairi Manaf


Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Are there any sport day activities available during family day?
Yes, sports day activities are included during family events which can be catered based on requests.
How can participating in family day games benefit our company culture?
Family day games create a more inclusive and family-friendly work environment, fostering stronger bonds among employees and their families. Family members in return will also understand the company culture which can help companies keep family harmony when it comes to the workforce.
Can you customize sports day activities and family day games to fit our company's specific needs and preferences?
Yes, we can tailor sports and family day activities to align with your company's goals, theme, and budget, ensuring a unique and memorable experience for your employees and their families.
What are some cost-effective options for organizing sports and family day events?
Cost-effective options for organizing sports and family day events include partnering with local vendors and sponsors, using existing company facilities, and leveraging volunteer assistance from employees. You can also explore virtual or hybrid event formats to reduce costs associated with venue rental and logistics.

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